Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The latest in Korean created steampunk fashions

     I trust this blogpost finds you well and of good cheer. I have just acquired steampunk news from South Korea land of Kimchi, Psy and a rather noisy neighbor in the North. 
     Korean steampunk is as of the last few years just getting underway but is, to be overly droll - gathering steam. The Korean company in Seoul Red Valve has a new steampunk line of watches for sale in this, the land of the morning calm as it is called.

     And, proving the cultural anthropologists and the steampunk culture creators right: designer 한동우 Han Dong Woo has been stepping out of his gothic phase and producing wonderful Victorian style waistcoats for the steam punk inclined. There will be more on him in future posts upon my getting into the heart of Seoul later during this upcoming school vacation period.
     Is steampunk an evolution from goth? Han Dong Woo seem to show that is is so.

     As of next month with the assistance of a Korean Zen monk I shall be purchasing some tea-clothes 차옷 (Cha-ot) as they are called here so I shall file a report on Korean tea fashion. As well I shall dust off one of my USBs and summon forth my old PPT. to bring you a brief review of the Jeoseon/Choseon Dynasty which rather closely coincides with the Victorian era of which many steampunkers more than merely portray but bring back when recreating themselves.

Until next post, stay lightly starched and techo savvy.

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